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Advanced Stem Cell 3D HydraFirm Serum 1oz

reclaim your skin’s volume, firmness, and lift.

what it is:

a firming treatment that goes where none have gone before. dermaquest advanced Stem Cell 3D HydraFirm serum is a milky serum that channels the power of peptides and plant stem cells to go deeper into the skin to restore loss of volume and firmness.

what it does:

with daily use, dermaquest advanced Stem Cell 3D HydraFirm serum restores elasticity and strength to the deepest levels of the dermis, creating a visible and tangible improvement in facial plumpness, firmness, and lift.

how it does it:

a complete range of peptides and plant stem cells work at the cellular level for better, longer-lasting results.

peptides and plant stem cells rebuild skin’s elasticity and collagen production capabilities while simultaneously providing reparative and protective benefits to keep skin looking better for longer.
a skin-nourishing prebiotic restores balance and strengthens skin’s defense system.

cultibiota, a stable prebiotic, counteracts the effects of environmental stressors, improving the overall health of the skin while reducing redness, balancing ph, and protecting against uv exposure.
an intelligent, time-released delivery complex carries active ingredients straight to the source.

hydroxysomes® serve as a highly-efficient vehicle that allow active ingredients to penetrate deep within skin.
a unique combination of advanced hyaluronic acids reinforce skin’s moisture and volume.

30% hyaluronic acid solution and hyalosome® eg10, a time-release cross-linked hyaluronic acid, provide an impenetrable defense against transepidermal water loss, leaving skin perfectly hydrated and fuller-looking.


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