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Retinol Brightening Serum 1oz

Retinol Brightening Serum provides intense exfoliation resulting in a smoother, more even skin tone and texture. This potent brightening serum can help to dissipate visible photodamage and improves your skin’s overall structure.


Empower your skin to minimize pigmentation and even skin tone with this potent SkinBrite Retinol Brightening Serum. Using a state-of-the-art delivery system known as Kemspheres, we’re able to transport active ingredients deep into the layers of the skin where they are most effective, resulting in a visible change in the skin’s health and appearance.

The transformative nature of 2% retinol in this serum is a game-changer as it refines and rejuvenates the skin by offering a significant exfoliation, fortifying epidermal-dermal structure, and hydration all while working to lift dark spots and discoloration.

Let healthy skin be revealed with this potent and effective treatment serum.

Best For: SkinBrite Retinol Brightening Serum is recommended for most skin types that need exfoliation and a more even skin tone. Not recommended for highly sensitive skins or individuals with a sensitivity or allergy to retinol.

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