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At Shehla Khan, we believe in nurturing healthy skin through a perfect skincare routine & a healthy lifestyle.

A Skincare Expert & Electrologist by profession, Shehla Khan believes that skin is one’s most important feature. She believes that healthy skin is the best gift a human has been bestowed with; it should be cherished and taken care of.

Our Services

Studying & researching through the best skincare brands being used world-wide, Shehla has picked the brands & products that best suit Asian skin & help attain not a temporary benefit but an always glowing & healthy skin.

Skin Treatments

Skincare is a curation. With this belief, Shehla Khan formulated a list of skin treatments to suit the needs of all skin types, concerns and goals. The diversified list of treatments helps clients to choose what best suits their need and budget.


Permanent facial hair removal procedure; suitable for all skin types and proven to result in no side-effects to one’s skin.


Safe for most people, Dermaplaning is a procedure that helps remove dead skin and peach fuzz, lightens fine lines and cures deep acne scarring, resulting in smooth skin surface.

Body Facials & Massages

To complete one’s relaxing experience at the clinic, Shehla chose the most versatile of Body Facials & Massages using Esthemax & Orly Candles. The soothing, tenacious and exotic fragrances and textures not only create an atmosphere but also provide well-being and relaxation, releasing the everyday stress.

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Balance & Maintain Your Skin.


Balance & Maintain Your Skin.

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