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Radiant Facial Oil 1oz

Radiant Skin Facial Oil is a blend of nourishing oils that soothe irritated, chapped skin. This fast-acting, leave-on oil provides healing and anti-inflammatory qualities as it deeply nourishes dry, dehydrated, and compromised skin. Use Radiant Skin Facial Oil to protect skin-restoring suppleness and balance!


Give your skin a nourishing boost with our Radiant Skin Facial Oil. This amazing face oil uses a blend of nourishing oils to revive dull, lifeless skin. Oils like Almond oil, deeply moisturize your skin and are especially good for drier skin. Another incredible oil found in our blend, Jojoba oil, has been used as a healing agent for centuries.

A host of other botanical oils condition and discourage excess oil production, leaving you with a soft and healthy shine.

Best For: Radiant Skin Facial Oil can be used for all skin conditions except acne. However, is particularly effective to deeply moisturize and heal dry and sensitive skin conditions.

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