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C Infusion Peel 4oz

Size: 4oz

this antioxidant powerhouse peel brightens and revitalizes resistant skin as it removes layers of sluggish skin cells. vitamin c, lactic acid and a plethora of plant extracts infuse skin tissue with antioxidants and hydrating properties contributing to barrier repair.

recommended for: fitzpatrick 1-3 only. a preventative anti-aging treatment as well as addressing environmentally damaged dull, lifeless and aging skin.

Directions for Use:

  1. pour liquid activator into amber glass bottle up to the fill level (top of label). mix and shake until vitamin c powder dissolves.
  2. apply thin, even layer with 2×2 gauze pads or a fan brush, waiting 5 minutes between each pass (number of passes to be determined by licensed professional depending on individual skin types).
    1. **do not exceed 3 passes.
  3. each filled amber glass bottle is enough for up to 10 C Infusion peel applications. one full dropper is the average amount needed for one full-face application. after dispensing product, remove glass dropper and replace with cap. store in a dry place at room temperature.
  4. use filled amber glass bottle within 30 days.

see dermaquest treatment protocols and training materials for more information.



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