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Algae Polishing Scrub 4oz

Our Advance Therapy Algae Polishing Scrub provides gentle exfoliation, leaving skin smooth and primed for a serum. Our product is plastic-free and environmentally safe.


Advanced Therapy Algae Polishing Scrub utilizes jojoba beads in place of traditional plastic beads to remove excess skin cells through gentle physical exfoliation. It leaves the skin smooth and prepped for serums or advanced treatment products.

Deeply hydrating, this scrub primes the skin for water absorption while the relaxing Algae Extract soothes inflammation and removes redness.

Best For: Advanced Therapy Algae Polishing Scrub is suitable for all skin types. Avoid using this product if you have conditions like Rosacea or active Acne.

Pro Tip: Algae Polishing Scrub can be added to your DermaQuest cleanser of choice to create an exfoliating cleansing treatment.

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